We are experts in Home & Office disinfection and sanitization.

Get your home, office or shop disinfected

  • * Kills harmful viruses and bacteria
  • * Includes all areas of your house
  • * Hospital grade chemical, machine & technique used
  • * Kills disease-causing viruses including coronavirus
  • * Total sanitization of high-touch surfaces
Apartment Bungalow/Villa/Shops/Offices
1BHK Rs. 999 < 2500 Sq. Ft. Rs. 2449
2BHK Rs. 1249 2000-3000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 2999
3BHK Rs. 1499 3500 & Above Pls. call for quote.
4BHK Rs. 1749

How it’s done

  • Cold fumigation / ULV fogging of the entire area using EPA recommended hospital grade chemicals*
  • Spraying and wiping of all frequently touched points (door handles,switches, door handles)

Exclusions :

  • Sanitization of object meant for personal hygiene.
  • Sanitization of interiors drawers, appliances or cupboards.
  • Movement of furniture for sanitization.

Important instruction for the services:

  • No person or pet should enter the room for 30 minutes post completion of fogging.
  • Office should remain vacant post 1 hours of service.
  • All food items should remain covered .

Using ICAR, USDA approved effective disinfectant against avian influenza virus, the WHO certified disinfectant delivers 99.9999% kill of more than 148 types of different pathogens including HIV, HBV, HCV, polio, H1N1, H5N1 etc with no evidence of resistance, eliminating the need to rotate disinfectants to avoid resistance build up. This US EPA registered disinfectant is also used for Ebola disinfection.

While you maintain social distancing, we disinfect your home and surroundings . Non – irritant, Non – hazardous, Non – carcinogenic, Biodegradable & eco – friendly.

* Disclaimer : As per chemical manufacturers claim.