Ah yes: It’s that time of year where you will hear the birds start chirping; the sunset sets later due to Daylight Savings Time; the sound of someone using a lawnmower to cut their grass and someone driving in their car, truck, SUV, etc. while hearing that ever-present thump of the bass from their sound system. Spring is a time for re-birth, forget New Year’s, this is the season to get busy and do stuff that you always wanted to do. In my personal opinion, winter is like the guest that would not leave: that person was cool when they stopped by. But after a while, you get tired of them and you want to kick them out.

If you want to get involved in Spring Cleaning, here are a set of instructions to help you along the way:
The Inside Job:

1. Storm Windows
Your storm windows have been up for a good while by now. I am guessing that the last time you actually opened your windows was probably between last September and Early October. This is the right time to take down the storm windows. After a rough Winter of freezing rain, snow, sleet, ice, temperatures in the single digits and with wind chills below zero at times during the season, the idea of opening the windows and let the fresh air come into your home sounds good.

2. Mop and Dust every room in the home
After dealing with people tracking in the snow, salt, and dirt while walking inside during the winter, spring is a perfect time to use a mop to clean the floors. Get a mop, bucket, dust rag and some cleaning products (Pine-Sol,Windex, Clorox, etc.) and get busy. If you have carpet in your living room and dining room floor, use the vacuum to sweep each room to get rid of dirt and other debris. If you don’t want to do that, hire a professional carpet cleaning services provider to do the job.

3. Clean the Attic and Basement
Yeah, it’s a pain to clean both the attic and basement for you have to move stuff around along with trying to choose what to keep and what to throw away. But this job is worth because of two reasons: 1) you can create plenty of space in both spots and 2) you could get make some money off of your discarded items by the way of a Yard Sale. It’s like that old saying “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

4. Clean the closet and dresser drawers
We all have clothes that either we don’t wear anymore; are too small; too big; or never had the chance to wear it at all or now it’s out of style. If you want to create some space in your closet for some new attire, why not donate those old clothes, shoes, hats, belts, jewelry, etc. to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or thrift store. The same thing goes for your dresser drawers. You need to clean off the top and inside each drawer so that you not create some space but also become able to close them without having something sticking out.

5. Take down winter curtains
The heavy curtains served its purpose in the winter to protect us from the cold air/breeze from coming into our homes. Now is the time to take down the heavy curtains and put up the lighter curtains so that once the windows are open, we can feel the warmth of Spring.

Let’s take it outside:
1. Rake up tree limbs

Your front and backyard (if you have one) are probably protected with tree limbs, leaves, trash and debris leftover during the winter. What you need to do is grab a couple of trash bags, broom, rake, shovel and a sturdy trash can and take care of business. Once you’re done with that task, you might think about cutting the grass. Now, if your yard is in bad shape, use some grass seed to help the grass grow during the Spring and Summer (Experts say that the best time to apply grass seed is in November and December since the rain, snow, and sleet can actually make the grass grow faster, but that should not stop you from adding grass seed right now.)

2. Plant flowers, trees, shrubs, bushes, trees, and lawn maintenance

If you have a green thumb and love the idea of working outside with plants, this is up to your alley. Spring is great to plant flowers and trees, add some seeds into the ground in order to grow vegetables and if you decide to do this, add some bushed and shrubs. Spring is the season where the grass grows very fast. So you need to cut your grass at least once a week until June, where the grass doesn’t grow as fast. As a homeowner, it is very important to have a well-maintained lawn because it gives the impression that you really care about your community.

4. Clean out the barbecue grill

Unless the grill was used during the winter because you missed having a barbecue, you probably have not used it since Labor Day. Prior to that first barbecue, clean out the grill very thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure there are no dust, cobwebs, etc. on your grill. Before a while, you will require a clean and shiny grill and within no time having cookouts during the spring and summer will become a regular thing at your home. Now, if your grill is either old or on its last legs, my suggestion is that you invest in a new one. Check your local paper or online for some great deals on a grill.

5. Clean the Garage

Just like the attic and basement, cleaning the garage is a huge time headache for all of us have placed so much stuff in there, we often say “I have to clean out the garage” and we never get around to it. Well, today is the day to clean it out. Yeah, it might be an all-day job (or a 2-3 day job depend upon how much stuff you have in there) but it is worth it. Start by creating a pile of what items to keep and what to throw away. Then, get rid of any boxes and trash that you might have in the garage. Next, decide whether or not you want to have a garage sale for the items that you need to toss out–who knows, like the yard sale example explained earlier, you could make some money off of your discarded items. Finally, once you have finished the job, take a look to see if you’re satisfied with the garage and if not, keep at it until you feel that it is totally spotless.

Spring Cleaning is a tough task to deal with. This article provided some steps to take in order to get the job done. One final thing, if you want to make the job go a little faster, turn on some music – it works every time.Every time.
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