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Bathroom Cleaning Services in Noida

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At TwinkleTime, we are provided residential, commercial and as well as small offices bathroom cleaning services in Noida where we clean stains, dust, granules less, dirt stubborn and make your washroom dust free as well as neat & clean it properly.

Book professional bathroom cleaning services in Noida and it’s local area i.e Sector-78, Sector-100, Sector-76, Sector-75, Sector-77, Sector-45, Sector-44, Sector-49, Sector- 82, Sector- 120, Sector- 121, Sector- 122, Sector- 93, Sector- 93A, Sector-93B, Sector-137, Sector-107, Sector-109, Sector-12, Sector-16, Sector-20, Sector- 7, Sector- 47, Sector-61, Sector-63, Sector- 62, Sector- 50, Sector-51, Sector-52, Sector-57 and many more places at best cost with 100% customers happy & satisfied. Call now at 8899820830 for booking your best cleaning services with TwinkleTime

Why Choose Us
  • Our expert in Bathroom Cleaning Services is un-doubtful & granules less
  • We used organic and harmless cleaning products
  • Customer Satisfaction is our main motive with hygienic service
  • Make your Bathroom neat & clean, filthless, hygienic, dust free & dirt
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Why you should go for Bathroom Cleaning?

Bathroom is the most neglected place in a house, but used on a daily basis. In a very short time, it starts building up. You might see yellowish stains on your bathroom floor & tiles and scaling on your taps and faucets. Deep cleaning and sanitization takes care of all these.

What is difference between Regular Cleaning and Premium Cleaning?

Regular cleaning process includes cleaning of Bathroom Tiles, Faucets, Sinks, taps, bath, Shower Cabinet, Mirror, Geyser, Exhaust Fan, WindowsInside, and Toilet Pots inside & outside, mopping&dry wipe floor. Premium Cleaning includes all of regular cleaning along with removal of hard water scales on steel accessories and polishing them. If corrosion is not there, the steel accessories will look like new. It also includes steam sanitization of the bathroom making it totally germ free.

How long will the cleaning process take?

The cleaning process will take about 1-1.5 hour per bathroom and about 15-30 mins for it to completely dry.

What are the requirements from your side?

Permission to enter your society/building and water & electricity connection for the equipment to work.

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